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 Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Management

"Svivot Environmental Projects"  Company, improves  urban waste (Municipal Solid Waste)  plans and makes new master plans for MSW.   The company works with a wide range of customers, mainly government bodies and local authorities.

The targets of these plans are to increase recycling, and to improve economical efficiency of the municipal solid waste process.
Most of the work is to analyze the situation as it is today   (existing  Situation analysis),  in order to have the ability to make the right recommendations regarding to future waste strategy  that will help us improve economic performance and citizen service. 

This is done by, first, understanding the situation as the municipality decision makers see it, their priorities  and the goals they want to achieve.

We make assessments  of  the  existing collecting strategies, areas diversities in the local authority,   and quantities of each stream of waste (mixed, organic, paper, cardboard, etc.).

 Then we go and analyze the Solid waste management chain, which included –bin strategy: bins locations and volumes (primary collection), total bin volume per demand volume, Transportation strategy: (collection policy, collection technology, ext. waste treatment and treatment  technologies.  With the full picture we get to the ""recommendations and alternatives " level. 

Each recommendation comes with "cost effectiveness" calculation. We try to implant new strategies and new technologies in order to get to the wanted outcomes.

The idea is to make things differently in order to get different results.



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